SLIPNOT eliminates risks of slips and falls
across multiple industries

Non-slip transportation applications

Preventing injuries in the presence of hazardous fluids and oils

From factories where vehicles are being assembled to stairing or flooring on the transportation vehicle itself, SLIPNOT technology can protect areas that are constantly exposed to weather elements and pedestrian traffic. Our slip-resistant technology is long-lasting and can be painted safety yellow for additional safety measures. The lightweight formula has a high strength-to-weight ratio that increases the traction of any surface.

SLIPNOT transportation applications

Subway Station Stairways
Speed Bumps
Factory Conveyor Lines

Firetruck Baskets

Companies with SLIPNOT environments

Transportation case studies

The SLIPNOT product was very well received by everyone who evaluated the product and I have received lots of positive feedback about it. So far our experience has been flawless. Keep up the good work!

Borgwarner Automotive – Maintenance Team Leader

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