SLIPNOT now has an identifier on our products.

You’ve shared the feedback. We’ve listened.

Due to the overwhelming volume of low-quality slip resistant technology, our customers have asked us to provide a product seal representing the safety, performance and durability only found with Genuine SLIPNOT. The full SLIPNOT logo will now appear on all new orders for our products to ensure authenticity.

We know that the slip resistance can’t be left to chance. With our logo visible on walkways, entryways, stairways and other high trafficked areas, you can have the added assurance that employees and visitors have safe walking and working surfaces.

The SLIPNOT PromiseĀ 

Our safety flooring and surface technologies are for nearly every application in food and beverage, chemical, automotive and other industrial manufacturing as well as municipal and recreational spaces.

  • Customized to surface design and installation requirements, available in different grades, alloys, colors and finishes for each unique application.
  • Once installed, over 90% of slips and falls can be avoided even with the toughest oil, chemical or water spills.
  • Designed for durability and ease of maintenance, offering the lowest cost of ownership of any slip resistant solution on the market today

Ask for SLIPNOT. Don’t accept any other name.

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Customers have purchased


Floor Plate

SLIPNOT slip resistant plates are the perfect solution for non-slip flooring applications in manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, or even commercial buildings.

Non slip grates for catwalks


SLIPNOT slip resistant grating is an excellent selection for non-slip flooring applications on mezzanines, platforms, catwalks, or other wet or potentially oily environments.

Anti Slip Ladder Rungs

Rungs & Tube

SLIPNOT slip resistant technologies add an additional level of safety to ladder rungs, ladder rung covers, handrails, and other tube structures.

Helipad Decking

Planks & Covers

SLIPNOT slip resistant planks and covers provide anti-slip solutions for decking, platforms, trenches, expansion joints, basin drains, sanitary drains, utility vaults, manholes and so much more.

Safety and efficiency for our customers

SLIPNOT has provided solutions to otherwise unmanageable situations

J.M. Smucker – Processing Area Lead

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