Metal & Mining

SLIPNOT® slip resistant applications eliminating risks of slips and falls
across multiple industries

Non-slip metal & mining products

Eliminating slippery walking surfaces for employees

From flooring solutions for forging machinery to plates for automation equipment, SLIPNOT can coat and protect slick surfaces that can be a potential hazard for employees. Our slip-resistant coating is long-lasting, corrosion-resistant and has a lightweight formula that increases the traction of any surface.

SLIPNOT metal & mining applications

Loading Dock Ramps
Turn Tables
Trench Covers

Conveyor Systems
Aerial Platforms
Stair Treads

Companies with SLIPNOT environments

Metal & mining case studies

These were pieces cut to our specifications and then coated. Always a great job, pieces fit correctly, saved us installation time, and product waste.

Nucor Corporation – Cold Mill Mechanical Maintenance Lead

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