Our portfolio of specialized safety flooring and surface technologies provides safety and reassurance from the ground up

Eliminate preventable slips and falls

SLIPNOT specialized safety flooring and surface technologies are Manufactured in the USA. We offer a range of stock items. We manufacture to order based upon your unique surface design and installation requirements. Or you can send us your surface materials and we will make them slip-resistant.  

Once installed, SLIPNOT products eliminate over 90% of slips and falls and perform 10x longer than most other products. That means durability and ease of maintenance, reduced downtime and lost workdays, and more engaged and confident employees.


Floor Plate

SLIPNOT slip resistant plates are the perfect solution for non-slip flooring applications in manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, or even commercial buildings.

Non slip grates for catwalks


SLIPNOT slip resistant grating is an excellent selection for non-slip flooring applications on mezzanines, platforms, catwalks, or other wet or potentially oily environments.

Helipad Decking

Planks & Covers

SLIPNOT slip resistant planks and covers provide anti-slip solutions for decking, platforms, trenches, expansion joints, basin drains, sanitary drains, utility vaults, manholes and so much more.

Anti Slip Ladder Rungs

Rungs & Tube

SLIPNOT slip resistant technologies add an additional level of safety to ladder rungs, ladder rung covers, handrails, and other tube structures.


SLIPNOT has the expertise and ability to produce a wide variety of anti-slip solutions based upon your design and needs.

Non Slip Stainless Angle at Woodward

Treads & Nosing

Protect and enhance staircases in any location by selecting SLIPNOT slip resistant stair treads and nosings.


Amstep specializes in standard stair treads and nosings with an epoxy coating to avoid skidding and reduce slips and falls.

Foot Hold by SLIPNOT

Foot Hold by SLIPNOT is a powerful water-based cleaner and degreaser formulated for use with SLIPNOT products and in all areas of your facility where you have slip and fall hazards.

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