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SLIPNOT® slip resistant applications eliminating risks of slips and falls
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Non-slip oil & gas products

Creating safe, durable, and non-slip working environments

Grating, flooring, ladder rungs and other surfaces present in the Oil & Gas industry need to reduce risk for employees and improve productivity. This can be tricky when the industry is dealing with heavy oil and lubricants that create slip and fall hazards. Luckily, SLIPNOT has developed a metal coating formula that is slip-resistant to provide safety, corrosion-resistant and can be retrofitted on existing surfaces. With SLIPNOT flooring you can be rest-assured that your employees are working in a safe and durable environment.

SLIPNOT oil & gas applications

Offshore Platform Decking
Elevated Walkways
Access Ladder Rungs/Covers

Helicopter Pad Surfaces
Barge Decks

Companies with SLIPNOT environments

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