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Steel Grip Plate used in Testing Lab at PathFinder Energy Services

The Situation:

PathFinder Energy Services collects high quality data for geo-steering and formation evaluation which is used to determine the ability of a borehole to produce petroleum as well as deliver the real-time data at transmission rates quadruple the industry standard. PathFinder Energy Services contacted SlipNOT® to find a replacement for a previous pad that was not holding the test pipe in place with an electro-dynamic shaker. Within the electro-dynamic shaker vibration is applied radially to the side of the pipe. When applying movement in the direction of the pipe axis the previous non slip product was causing the test pipe to slip into the clamping cradles.

The Solution:

PathFinder Energy Services ordered 1/8” x 12” x 24 Grade 1 Steel on Steel Grip Plate® to replace the old product that was allowing the test pipes to move during testing. The rugged and slip resistant qualities of SlipNOT® steel plates are ideal for ensuring the test pipe is to remain in place during testing. Steel was chosen due to the file hard surface and minimal wear characteristics.

The Impact:

By replacing the old product withSlipNOT®’s steel Grip Plate®, PathFinder Energy Services is able to gather more accurate and precise data during testing and doesn’t have to worry about the test pipe moving when being tested by the electro-dynamic shaker. SlipNOT®’s steel non-slip coating retains traction during vigorous testing and frequent use in the lab.