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SLIPNOT slip resistant floor plates are the perfect solution for eliminating slips and falls in manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, and commercial buildings. Any environment with pedestrian foot traffic, requires additional safety precautions, or may be exposed to liquids or oils can be significantly enhanced with SLIPNOT floor plate. New projects or retrofits provide a permanent, safe alternative to slippery diamond plate.

SLIPNOT floor plate is perfect for new projects or retrofits and is a permanent, safe alternative to slippery diamond plate. There are many fabrication options for primary walkways, entryways, elevators, stairways, and more. It is easy install and clean with custom and stock sizes available.
  • SLIPNOT products are registered by NSF International for use in food processing facilities
  • Available in multiple design options for maximum application flexibility.
  • Solid surface plate provides maximum traction area while perforated plate options allow for liquid, light, and air passage.
  • Plates are easily installed on project sites and can even be retrofit over existing structures with minimum effort
  • Ergonomic perforated materials flex when walked upon to help prevent worker fatigue
  • Continually meets anti-slip standards and recommended guidelines (COF) throughout the life of the product
  • Exceeds all COF regulatory requirements, including OSHA, ADA, and ANSI.
  • Strong enough to withstand the toughest environments and demanding foot-traffic
  • Standard substrates are available in Steel (A-36; A-572 Gr50), Stainless Steel (304; 316), or Aluminum (5052; 6061) in thicknesses from 1/8″ to 2”+
  • Stock Sizes:
  • SLIPNOT Surface Alloys are available in Aluminum, Steel, or Stainless Steel
  • Grip Levels: Fine (Grade 1), Medium (Grade 2), or Coarse (Grade 3, Steel Only).
  • Standard finishes include Mill, Painted, Galvanized Steel, and Powder Coated.
    • Powder Coating is available in a variety of colors—discuss options with a Salesperson. Paint is available in black, gray, red, and safety yellow.
  • Countersunk holes for fastening to supports
  • Weld to existing metal structures or framing
  • Plug-weld holes can be provided on an internal grid pattern for additional weld points
  • Perforated plate options remove approximately ⅔ of plate strength so additional supports may be required

Consider that the grating may bow from the heat of the SLIPNOT process and adequate fastening is advised.

SLIPNOT customers have the option of sending their own material to take advantage of our proprietary anti-slip application technologies. Take advantage of our speed and agility to get your finished product as quickly as possible.

  • Material should be free of oil and grease before it is shipped to our facility
  • Shop drawings or product lists should be provided prior to shipment to allow for more accurate cost estimates and faster turnarounds
  • Turnaround time is typically two weeks after receipt of material, not including transit times
  • Steel material must be supplied in mill finish
  • Aluminum material should not be pre-anodized prior to submission to SLIPNOT
  • Decorative finishes should be performed to non-SLIPNOT treated areas after the SLIPNOT application

As experts in our field, SLIPNOT is able to customize a finished product to the most demanding specifications. From modified finishes and paints to powder coating and added logos, our talented Operations team can produce products that are uniquely your own.

  • Identify the alloy appropriate for your operational environment
  • Select the surface grade for the finished plate, Grade 1 (fine), Grade 2 (medium), or Grade 3 (Coarse, Steel Only)
  • Provide preferred installation method
  • Provide a drawing of the finished good or work with SLIPNOT’s outstanding Engineering team to develop a drawing from your input
  • Specify any unique finishing requirements

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This is by far a better product than the traditional tread plate as far as slip resistance.

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