SensoryEffects increases safety above product zone

  • The Situation

    SensoryEffects is a technology-driven food and beverage solutions company, developing complete systems from ingredients and flavorings to finished products for a variety of markets. The company is made up of several different businesses that focus on different specialties. SensoryEffects Flavor Systems has a manufacturing facility in Bridgeton, MO that supplies customized powder and liquid delivery systems. Its flavor systems range from beverage bases to ice cream bases to vitamin emulsions. It is also certified SQF Level III, HACCP and Kosher.

    One of the product zones in the manufacturing facility is below a working platform. The company needed to find a new working surface for the platform as the old plastic grating was not sufficient, allowing things to fall into the product zone below.

  • The Solution

    SensoryEffects needed a solid working surface for a raised platform in the Bridgeton, MO facility to prevent things from falling to the product zone below. It also needed the surface to be non slip in order to keep operators safe, especially during sanitation. SensoryEffects decided that SLIPNOT® would be able to provide a solution that met all the criteria. After reviewing specifications, SLIPNOT® provided (3) various sized 1/4" thick Grade 2 stainless steel plates to be installed on the raised platform. The Grade 2 coating provides the necessary non slip properties while the stainless steel ensures hygienic conditions. SLIPNOT® stainless steel products are registered by NSF International for use in the food processing industry and all SLIPNOT® products exceed all standards and recommended guidelines for slip resistance.

  • The Impact

    Installing SLIPNOT® stainless steel plates has solved several problems for SensoryEffects. Things falling into a product zone from the raised platform is no longer a concern and operators do not have to worry about slipping, even while cleaning.

    SensoryEffects has joined a variety of other food and beverage companies that trust SLIPNOT® to keep workers safe, including Burger King, Coca-Cola®, General Mills, and Tyson. You can see more of SLIPNOT®'s food and beverage case studies here.

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