Galvanized Grating and Stair Treads for Coca-Cola® in Atlanta

  • The Situation:

    The Coca-Cola® Company has come a long way since selling its original fountain beverage for 5 cents a glass in 1886. Now, with bottling being done by over 300 facilities all over the world, the Coca-Cola® Company has grown into one of the most recognized brands to date. An outside contractor that has done previous work for the Atlanta Coca-Cola® plant with SLIPNOT, contacted their sales representative to provide a non slip solution for their packer platform line.

  • The Solution:

    The contractor provided specific drawings of the pieces needed for the packer platform line. 19W4 steel grating coated with the Grade 2 steel surface was chosen for the platform. The pieces were cut-to-size based on the drawings and were able to be easily installed in the field. Stair treads formed from steel plate were also utilized for the packer platform line. The treads were cut based on the specifications listed on each drawing, with two ½” diameter through holes that would be utilized during installation. The stair treads and grating were all galvanized after the slip resistant surface was applied. The galvanizing process allows for the steel surface to be protected against rust and corrosion.

    The 19W4 spacing of the grating allows for liquid and other debris to fall through below. The SLIPNOT non slip coating created a completely 100% slip resistant surface in all directions, providing safety and security for anyone working on the platform

  • The Impact:

    The Coca-Cola® Company continues to rely on SLIPNOT products for the many projects in their facilities. Coca-Cola® and the outside contractor can continue to rely on SLIPNOT products to help prevent slip and fall accidents in their bottling facilities. The galvanized treads and grating will provide a high traction surface that will last for years to come.

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