Work platforms at Toray Plastics made safer with high friction floor plate

Non slip portable platform with steel plates
  • The Situation:

    Toray Plastics manufactures high quality foam and films used in housing, automotive, commercial and food industries. They can be found in food/product packaging, labels, solar control windows, roofing, flooring underlayment, wire/cable, and vehicle interiors.

    Toray had a series of slippery platforms in its manufacturing facility that were different sizes and used to access different machinery. The Toray Plastics team was focused on safety and wanted to prevent employee slips and falls.

  • The Solution:

    A cross-functional team of Toray Plastic’s mechanical engineer, its in-house maintenance team and SLIPNOT designed and installed a high traction solution to its platforms.

    Our slip and fall prevention experts recommended cut to size 1/8” thick, Grade 2 plates for medium courseness. The plates were painted black to match the aesthetic of the facility, and the Toray team easily installed for instant safety.

  • The Impact:

    Toray Plastic was highly staisfied with the SLIPNOT solution and the mechanical engineering partner said:

    “Equipment Platform (New): In this project I designed a new platform to fit around one of our existing pieces of equipment. This platform featured four independent sections, two of which were on wheels, while the other two were stationary. SLIPNOT's accuracy in deck plates made it easy to fabricate all of the sections and ensured they would all align correctly.”

    “Equipment Platform (Resurface): We had an existing platform similar to the one above on a different piece of equipment, that platform was originally surfaced with aluminum diamond plate. Due to the oily nature of our process the deck surface would often become slick and unsafe for technicians to work. I recreated the drawings for all of the deck plates and had SLIPNOT fabricate replacements, the results can be seen below. Overall the SLIPNOT product has drastically reduced the slipperiness of the platform and greatly increased worker safety!”

    SLIPNOT products including plate, grating, perforated plate, expanded metal, and ladder rungs/covers are excellent choices for new projects and existing structures. Retrofitting SLIPNOT products over existing slippery diamond plate is a common application and has been implemented in many facilities across a variety of industries.

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