OEM Lift-A-Loft enrolls SLIPNOT for aerospace lifts

Scissor lift with retractable rails and SLIPNOT
  • The Situation

    Lift-A-Loft Corporation designs, engineers and manufactures aerial lifts for a variety of industries, many of which require non-slip components.

    A major aircraft manufacturer engaged Lift-A-Loft for custom platforms used to move a large tool. Non-slip decking was needed that wouldn't inhibit the tool's movement.

  • The Solution

    Lift-A-Loft enrolled SLIPNOT to provide high traction, slip resistant stainless steel plates for install into these specialty platforms.

    Our slip and fall prevention experts recommended cut-to-size 1/8” thick stainless steel plates because they're the most chemically resistant and easy to clean.

  • The Impact

    The specialty aerial lifts with SLIPNOT platforms were successfully delivered to the aircraft manufacturer, keeping employees and essential tools safe.

    SLIPNOT works with OEM manufacturers like Lift-A-Loft to product slip resistant products and apply its technology to specialty applications.

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