Slip resistance at the New York Times printing press

Non Slip Plate
  • The Situation

    “All the News That’s Fit to Print” is a well-fitting moto for the New York Times. Whether you’re looking to read about business, sports, arts, science, style, travel, world/US news, or editorial/opinion articles, the New York Times has it all.

    Printing press facilities often drip ink and other slippery liquids onto walking surfaces that can create hazardous work conditions.

    To keep employees safe, the New York Times needed a way to reduce slip and fall hazards and create a more confident workspace.

  • The Solution

    The New York Times team selected high friction floor plates for easy installation on its work platforms near its printing press.

    Our slip and fall prevention experts recommended ¼” Grade 2, steel which is ideal for pulp and paper manufacturers because of its durability.

  • The Impact

    The SLIPNOT slip resistant steel plate has created a safe and confident work environment for New York Times employees with no slips and falls reported to us since the installation.

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