Galvanized steel plate provides slip resistance & protection from dripping water

  • The Situation

    While maintaining high safety standards, Chevron facility leaders learned that a grate work platform had water dripping through and onto the equipment below it. Water was dripping into a hydraulic system and causing contamination of hydraulic oil.

    Chevron needed something that was slip resistant, long lasting, low maintenance and solid to serve as a "roof" over the equipment to protect it from the excess water.

  • The Solution

    After reviewing the specifications, SLIPNOT® provided (1) 4' x 8' x 3/16" thick grade 2 galvanized steel plate as it would meet all the requirements set by Chevron.

    The solid plate prevents water from dripping directly onto the equipment below, instead directing the water around it. The grade 2 coating provides the necessary slip resistance to keep workers from slipping in both wet and dry conditions. The galvanization provides corrosion resistance and is lower maintenance and more durable than other slip resistant flooring options.

  • The Impact

    Chevron is pleased with its choice in SLIPNOT®. The SLIPNOT® galvanized steel plate provides long term slip resistance due to the extremely high bond strength and file-hard surface hardness of the patented SLIPNOT® process. While providing unparalleled slip resistance, the solid plate also provides protection for the equipment below from dripping water with limited maintenance.

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