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CITGO Petroleum Corporation Utilizes SlipNOT® Steel Grip Plate®

The Situation:

CITGO Petroleum Corporation is based in Houston, Texas and is a leader in refinery and marketing of transportation fuels, lubricants and petrochemicals. CITGO’s vision focuses on providing high quality energy related products to consumers and companies as well as continuing to develop and sponsor local communities and organizations. CITGO operates nearly 14,000 gas stations in the United States as well as three refineries, three lubricant facilities and 40 storage facility areas. CITGO was seeking a slip resistant solution to slippery walkways at their lubricant facility in Cicero, IL. Often oil and lubricants can create a dangerous walking path for employees utilizing the walkways. The solution needed to be extremely durable and resistant against oil and lubricants.

The Solution:

CITGO contacted SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring for a solution to their slippery walkway flooring. SlipNOT® supplied steel Grip Plate® Grade 2 for the dangerous walkways. Slip resistant steel plate remains slip resistant when exposed to oils and lubricants. Steel Grip Plate® can also withstand installation in heavy duty industrial settings where heat and oil are prevalent.

The Impact:

By installing SlipNOT®’s steel Grip Plate® at the lubricant facility, CITGO is helping to ensure the safety of employees working at the facility. The steel plate provides CITGO with a solution that is slip resistant against oil and lubricants, long lasting, and durable against heavy use. SlipNOT® slip resistant steel plate is a long lasting solution to the slippery walkways.