Slip Resistant Flattened Expanded Metal Grid Grip® Installed at Baker Hughes

  • The Situation:

    Baker Hughes Incorporated began in 1986 with the merger of Baker International and Hughes Tool Company. Baker Hughes is known for creating solutions that lower costs, reduce risks, and improve productivity in the global oil and gas industry. They create high-performance products and services to analyze, drill, evaluate, complete and produce oil and gas reserves and then transport and refine the hydrocarbons. Due to high gas and oil ratio production, heavy oil, high temperatures, and abrasive-laden fluids, employees needed a more reliable surface around their assembly area. SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring was contacted by Baker Hughes to provide a non-slip solution to their current steel grating pits and operator platforms.

  • The Solution:

    After reviewing the specifications, SLIPNOT provided 48" x 120" 3/4 #9 Grade 3 (Coarse) steel flattened steel expanded metal painted black to retrofit over Baker Hughes existing oily grates and operator platforms. Steel expanded metal is a strong metal substrate that allows proper drainage of grease and oil. Expanded metal can be applied to many applications such as stair treads, catwalks, mezzanines, ramps, and platforms.

    Environments like Baker Hughes require coarse surface grades because it provides maximum traction and withstands extremely high traffic and heavy equipment . The steel expanded metal was the ideal choice, providing easily installation, cost efficiency, and a slip resistant walking surface.

    The manufacturing support manager who ordered the material said, "Baker Hughes is a company that manufacturers oil & gas equipment. We have over 100 CNC Machines in the facility. In many cases to avoid back strains on machine operators reaching in the machines to load/unload material, we'll fabricate a steel platform 6"-8" high for added height. We then tack weld the SLIPNOT expanded metal on the top surface to provide an anti-slip surface. We actually use the SLIPNOT material on any metal surface that will be walked on. The first two pictures are of the recent purchase and the 3rd is of a pit grating surface that we installed a few years ago. Very durable. Thanks for the great product."

  • The Impact:

    SLIPNOT’s steel expanded metal contributed to a safe work environment for Baker Hughes. It created a productive walking surface necessary to keep workers on their feet. An employee from Baker Hughes said "since installing your product, the slip issue was eliminated".

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