Galvanized Flattened Expanded Metal Retrofitted Over Grating Stairs at Newmont Mining Corporation

  • The Situation:

    Newmont Mining Corporation needed a quick and durable retrofit solution for their existing slippery metal grating stairs. Slips, trips and falls frequently occurred on the metal grating stairs during the snowy winter weather and had proven to be unsafe. The metal grating stairs were installed in front of their office buildings and employees were constantly struggling to keep their footing due to the slippery grating surface. Newmont Mining Corporation was looking for a easy retrofit solution to place over the existing grating stairs.

  • The Solution:

    A services/planning employee from Newmont Mining Corporation contacted SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring to work out the details about retrofitting options for the existing slippery grating treads. A sales representative from SLIPNOT helped determine that galvanized steel flattened expanded metal was the best retrofit solution for the four sets of office stairs.

    Newmont Mining Corporation ordered twelve (12) pieces of customized 3/4 #9 flattened expanded metal retrofit stair treads. The retrofit expanded metal treads were ordered in customized sizes of 11” x 44” and 11” x 36”.

    The expanded metal retrofit stair treads were chosen for this application because of their easy installation and instant safety. The expanded metal retrofit stair treads also provide easy passage of snow, light, air, water and moisture just as the original existing bar grating did for them in the past while providing a 100% slip resistant coating allowing for 100% shoe to surface contact. SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring has a variety of slip resistant coating options for all metal substrates. In this case, Grade 3 (Coarse) was chosen because of the extreme durability and coverage it presents. Grade 3 (Coarse) is often used where there is high traffic and where areas are exposed to extremely slick conditions. SLIPNOT cannot guarantee that the slip resistant surface applied to the expanded metal retrofit treads will completely eliminate the slippery factors created by snow and ice, but can increase foot to surface traction unlike the original surface option.

  • The Impact:

    The galvanized steel retrofit expanded metal stair treads installed with ease and solved the slippery surfaces with minimal effort. Not only did the SLIPNOT retrofit expanded metal treads provide instant safety once installed, they were cost efficient and allowed for the existing grating treads to maintain in place without complete replacement or removal.

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