Slip Resistant Steel Plates on Coil Cars at SES

High Traction Steel Surface

  • Founded in 1976, SES (Steel Equipment Specialists) is a leading supplier of equipment and services for the metals, metals forming, and all related industries. SES takes pride in offering specialty new equipment or redesigned improved equipment to all types of steel manufacturers. By combining their “Design and Build” structure and the talents of their team, they are able to handle projects ranging from small specialty equipment to major expansions and investments.

    Throughout SES’s operations, they have coil cars that ride in a pit at the end of their galvanizing line. Workers walk across the pit on a daily basis, which is why SES needed to enforce a slip resistant solution.

  • A project engineer at SES reached out to SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring for a retrofit option. After reviewing drawings, SLIPNOT provided (10) 1/8” thick Grade 2 steel plates that were 8-1/2” x 73”, 19” x 35”, and 22-1/4” x 49-1/2”. The plates were painted black after the non-slip surface was applied and welded to the existing surfaces. SES also created doors to protect their hydraulic power unit. The doors were welded to the grating so that they could be walked on.

  • The project engineer said “the mill is very happy with the results!” Workers now have a high traction surface while crossing the pit and accessing the coils. Due to the steel plate’s peak to valley surface depth, SES has a long wearing product for years to come.

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