Steel Plate Utilized at Scott Metals’ Facility for Hot Finishing Mill Exhaust System

  • The Situation:

    Scott Metals is a full service custom steel fabricator specializing in laser cutting, CNC punching, beveling, bending and rolling. Scott Metals prides itself on efficiently providing customers with the highest level of quality products and services to exceed the requirements of the customer. Scott Metals is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA at a 10,000 square foot facility. The facility allows the company to have the capability to fabricate small scale jobs to large scale jobs for a variety of industries.

    Scott Metals utilizes a variety of machinery to fabricate steel products. Hot finishing mill exhaust systems at the facility are used to reduce the thickness of steel plate to the desired end result. The hot finishing mill exhaust systems can cause extreme temperatures in the production area and can often come into contact with oil and debris from steel in the facility. On the entry hood of the machine, Scott Metals required an anti-slip flooring solution that could be installed that would be able to tolerate extreme heat, oil and debris in the facility.

  • The Solution:

    Scott Metals contacted SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring for a slip resistant flooring solution that would give traction to employees utilizing the exhaust system. SLIPNOT supplied Grade 2 3/16” x 72” x 102” steel plates for the application. Steel plate is an extremely durable and long lasting material that is able to withstand installation in an area with extreme temperatures, as well as oil and grease while remaining slip resistant.

  • The Impact:

    SLIPNOT steel plates have provided Scott Metals with a durable and long lasting slip resistant material. The steel plate installed on the hot finishing mill exhaust systems at the facility help to allow employees safe access to the machinery and have provided a long lasting anti-slip solution for Scott Metals.

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