Aluminum Unpunched Plank Creates Safe Operator Platform and Stairs at General Motors

  • The Situation:

    General Motors is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. General Motors needed a lightweight, corrosion resistant, non-slip aluminum planking for an operator platform and stairs in the Toledo facility, they contacted SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring to provide the product they were searching for.

  • The Solution:

    By providing SLIPNOT with drawings and specifications for the aluminum planking, General Motors received various 1” x 32-1/2” x 45”, 1” x 55-1/2” x 32-1/2”, and 1” x 8-11/16” x 32-1/2” pieces of unpunched aluminum plank that fit flawlessly into their existing application. The I-beams that run the length of the planking give SLIPNOT aluminum plank an excellent strength to weight ratio. This high strength-to-weight ratio is important in applications where a lightweight, durable material is needed that can support heavy machinery and materials.

    Each piece of unpunched aluminum plank shipped to General Motors was coated in a Grade 2 (Medium) aluminum finish. Grade 2 (Medium) finish is applicable for nearly every situation. With an average peak to valley surface depth of 0.020”- 0.025”; Grade 2 (Medium) SLIPNOT provides maximum traction, durability and longevity. The SLIPNOT aluminum surface will not flake or chip off and has no parts that will splinter off or work loose. The SLIPNOT aluminum surface lasts much longer than many other painted-on or taped-on products.

    The SLIPNOT coating has an unmatched surface hardness and allows for maximum slip resistance even when completely submerged in water, oils or other lubricants. Aluminum naturally and almost instantly forms an oxide coating which protects itself from rust and corrosion, making it an excellent choice for slick areas that require a non-slip walking surface. SLIPNOT aluminum planking also requires little or no maintenance due to its non corrosive properties and can be easily cleaned with a wire brush. SLIPNOT aluminum is available in mill finish or it can be painted to fit job specifications.

  • The Impact:

    SLIPNOT provided the best solution for General Motors operator platform and stairs. The unpunched aluminum planking provided a lightweight material that was easy to install, yet could carry a large amount of weight to fit the needs of the individual projects that they handle on a daily basis. The non-slip surface allows workers to remain on their feet even while covered in the oil or lubricants that can accumulate on surfaces around machinery. In providing drawings to SLIPNOT, the contractor was able to get material that fit General Motors exact application without cutting or fabricating the pieces in the field. General Motors can count on SLIPNOT to provide the best customized solution to fit their project needs and keep their workers upright.

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