Safe Access Platforms

Access platforms can describe a number of types of platforms used to access hard to reach places.

  • Aerial devices or “cherry pickers” are lightweight “baskets” used for exterior maintenance and construction purposes.  Firefighters, the telecommunication industry and maintenance on dangerous trees are only a few examples of uses for Aerial devices.  Generally powered electrically or by gas.
  • Scissor lifts generally only move vertically.  They are propelled upward by supports that are in an “x” pattern.   These access platforms generally do not require power, they are run by pressure on the lowest set of supports.
  • Hotel lifts: Smaller lifts that use mechanical devices to extend.  They often have sections that move past each other and are used for internal maintenance tasks.

Safety on these types of devices is critical.  The International Power Access Federation (IPAF) is a non-profit organization that promotes safe and effective us of power access platforms.  Their website provides information about motorized platform training, licensing, injuries, articles, news, services and publications.  The IPAF is a great resource for aerial access platform operators, trainers, manufacturers and distributors.

Slip resistant safety can be achieved on mobile platforms by using non-slip plate or expanded metal.  SLIPNOT products can be installed on new construction or retrofitted over existing access platforms for complete safety.  Non-skid aluminum is lightweight yet provides high traction footing for operators in various environments.

Keep operators of platforms safe by contacting the IPAF and keep your access platforms slip resistant by contacting SLIPNOT to meet you application’ s needs.

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