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SlipNOT® Steel Improves Safety in Honda of Canada Plant

The Situation

In keeping with its commitment to building vehicles close to where they are sold, Honda of Canada Manufacturing began production in 1986 in Alliston, Ontario. A stamping and bumper painting line was added to the original plant three years later, followed by a second production plant in 1998, and an engine plant in 2008. The complete facility currently produces the Civic Sedan, Si Coupe, CR-V, and environmentally friendly aluminum engines. In 2017, an equipment engineer from Honda contacted SlipNOT® for an anti-slip solution to replace old plates on the stamping press basket lifters.

The Solution

Honda of Canada needed a strong, lightweight, and slip resistant solution to ensure the basket wheels do not slip on the lifters. After reviewing specifications, SlipNOT® coated (6) various sized ¾” thick aluminum plates in Grade 2 steel. Since aluminum is naturally a softer alloy, applying a file hard steel coating adds to the longevity of the plates.

The Impact

With the installation of the new plates, Honda of Canada no longer has to worry about its basket wheels slipping on the lifters. The steel coating provides durability, while the lightweight properties of aluminum helps keep the weight down. Honda also placed an order for (4) 3/8” x 35 7/16” x 78 ¾” Grade 2 steel plates for use in another part of the facility.