Punched Plank Replaces Deteriorating Stairs at Denver International Airport

  • The Situation:

    Denver International Airport in Denver, CO is the only major airport built in the United States in the last 25 years. Over 50 million passengers pass through the gates of the airport each year. Built-in 1995, the airport boasts a roof made of teflon glass that is as thin as a credit card. During construction artists worked with architects to integrate art into a public space, becoming one of the very first public spaces to do so. Denver International Airport (DIA) had stairways on their outdoor parking garage where puddles would build-up, causing rust spots to form in various places. The DIA contacted a grating manufacturer to provide a slip-resistant solution that could withstand the elements. A grating manufacturer then turned to SLIPNOT to help provide the solution the Denver International Airport needed.

  • The Solution:

    SLIPNOT was sent various pieces of punched plank to be coated with the slip resistant aluminum surface. The plank was cut into sizes to easily fit into the existing stairways in the parking garage. Since the area is outdoors, it is exposed to various elements year round. The punched plank allows for light, water and other debris to fall through and retains traction to keep pedestrians and workers on their feet.

    SLIPNOT punched plank can be ordered in stock sizes or can be custom cut to fit each particular application. Punched plank can be ordered through SLIPNOT or existing material can be shipped to our facility and coated. Aluminum naturally forms an oxide that protects against rust and corrosion in all types of environments. With a high strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum plank is lightweight, yet can withstand heavy usage.

  • The Impact:

    For the aerospace industry, safety and security are essential. SLIPNOT provided the best long term solution to the deteriorating, slick stairs that occurred at the Denver International Airport multi-story parking garage. In any type of condition, passengers and workers can move safely and comfortably with every step they take.

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