Boeing Utilizes Stainless Steel on Aluminum Stair Treads for Slip Resistant Wing Steps

Non Slip Stairs at Boeing
  • The Situation:

    Boeing Commercial Airplane Group in Auburn, WA was seeking a solution for slippery wing steps utilized during maintenance on Boeing Jets 777. Boeing 777’s are one of Boeing’s most popular jetliner; the airplanes are used by airlines throughout the world. Recently, Boeing installed fuel efficient wing tip extensions on the 777 jets which improve the airplanes overall performance by creating a smoother ride and more fuel efficient airplane. While performing maintenance on the jets engines and wings, employees on the wing steps are subject to oil, coolants and lubricants that create an extremely slippery and hazardous surface. Boeing was seeking a solution that would be extremely durable and slip resistant against harsh agents and help to provide a safe environment for workers.

  • The Solution:

    Boeing contacted SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring for a product that would be durable, lightweight and corrosion resistant while maintaining slip resistance. SLIPNOT provided Boeing with stainless steel on aluminum stair treads for their application. Stainless steel on aluminum was the ideal option for the application because the aluminum metal substrate is extremely lightweight which makes the stairs very mobile when working on multiple planes. The stainless steel coating is ideal because it is extremely durable and corrosion resistant. When the slip resistant steps come into contact with oils, lubricants and coolants they will not corrode and will remain slip resistant. Furthermore, to create the safest work environment possible, Boeing painted the stair treads yellow. By painting the stair treads yellow, Boeing took preventative measures to ensure workers working on the stair treads would be noticed and that pilots moving planes would be aware of the location of the stair treads to prevent accidents.

  • The Impact:

    The SLIPNOT slip resistant stair treads provide Boeing with a safe, durable and slip resistant working environment that will ensure employees’ safety for years to come.

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