High Traction Stainless Steel Angles at Woodward’s Corporate Headquarters

Non Slip Stainless Steel Angle
  • The Situation:

    Woodward has been delivering lasting contributions to energy control since 1870. Woodward integrates leading edge technologies into fuel, combustion, fluid, actuation, and electronic control systems for the aerospace and industrial markets. The company’s growth is driven by the demand for fuel-efficient, low-emission, and high performance energy management.

    On June 7, 2016, Woodward celebrated the opening of their $200 million dollar campus which was formally a golf course. The brand new facility has 300,000 square feet of industrial turbomachinery systems (ITS) and 60,000 square feet of corporate headquarters. Woodward plans to employ as many as 1,700 workers at this site and 1,800 construction jobs are anticipated.

    The CEO at Woodward wanted to get rid of the individual tall cubicles and walled-in offices and bring in ample natural light, patios, and balconies overlooking the Poudre River. Wood from the silver maple and ash trees were removed from the former golf course and repurposed on the stair treads and halls in the corporate office and ITS building.

  • The Solution:

    Due to the repurposed wood, Woodward hired Unique Woodworking, the finest craftsmen of the metro Denver area for over 25 years. A project manager at Unique Woodworking who has done previous work with SLIPNOT, reached out to a sales representative seeking a slip resistant solution to the edges of the maple stair treads.

    SLIPNOT reviewed different alloy options and pricing with the project manager and decided stainless steel was the most durable and aesthetically pleasing choice. SLIPNOT provided 1/8” thick Grade 1 304 stainless steel angles for two stairways. One stairway had (56) 1” x 1” x 42” stainless angles installed and the other had (55) 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” x 54” angles. Unique woodworking installed the angles by using threaded rod that embedded into the maple treads and was secured with an epoxy.

  • The Impact:

    The retrofitted stainless steel angles not only ensured employee and pedestrian safety, but brought forth an industrial and modern look that Woodward portrayed throughout the corporate office and ITS building. Once Unique Woodworking had installed the stainless angles at Woodward, they turned around and ordered more for a different project.

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