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The ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers) is dedicated to the education of all individuals including upper management, safety professionals and employees.  Demonstrating this dedication, the ASSE website provides valuable resources for both teaching and learning.  They know that working remotely is becoming more common and safety training should not be hindered by an employee’s location.  They also understand that attention spans are shortening and the availability to sit down for long training sessions is decreasing.  Because of this, they have made the effort to meet learners where they are.  The ASSE is determined to keep up with changing industry trends and has recently started offering micro-learning opportunities.

What is micro-learning? The ASSE website defines micro-learning as “the delivery of educational content in short, standalone bursts, or ‘modules’”.  These modules are separated into complete comprehensive lessons on one important concept.  They can be delivered by video, text, audio or images.  The lessons can be accessed on the go and from different locations; they also tend to be more cost effective and have better results than long training classes.

The ASSE believes that theses micro-learning opportunities are very beneficial to learners as they are very subject specific.  Individuals spend less time learning information that may not be pertinent to their situations, but instead benefit from short, extremely valuable informational segments.  They absorb more information quickly and are able to retain it for longer.  The micro-learning lessons that the ASSE has and continues to develop combine information from safety specialists, individual chapters, practice specialties and common interest groups that address every day safety problems, making for well-rounded lessons.

The ASSE website is looking for more individuals to get involved in this learning opportunity.  They have a form that you can fill out if you would like to get involved in developing a micro-learning opportunity for others.  Please visit the ASSE website for more information.

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