Galvanizing Products to Fight the Elements

Galvanization is a procedure standardized by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). It is a method of protecting surfaces from wet elements, and ultimately from rust, corrosion, and other deterioration. Steel surface products that are going to be exposed to rain, snow, or water, should be galvanized.

Hot dip galvanizing (HDG) is a popular form of this procedure. This particular method involves coating the products with a thin zinc layer. HDG protects surfaces from different environments for years to come. At SLIPNOT, we recommend and perform a hot dip galvanization if a product is going to be exposed to rain, snow or water. We galvanize in accordance to ASTM Standard A123.

We recently had a customer, Victor, come to us inquiring about a plate and galvanization options. In response to this customer’s situation, we were able to recommend galvanized steel plates, and discuss the following situations.

Victor was seeking a plate for a pier that would be functioning as expansion joints in a harsh environment. He wanted a surface that would be as durable as galvanized checker plate, as fishermen will be dragging chains and other items over the plate. The galvanized steel that we recommended is very durable & is much more slip resistant than the diamond plate he was also considering. He was concerned that steel particles placed on the plate would dislodge. Our steel products must be galvanized according to special galvanizing guidelines. Our slip resistant surface is bonded to the plate at over 4000 psi & will not dislodge. A final matter Victor brought up was the susceptibility of our products to scratching and other wear and tear. It is important to note that just like a diamond plate, if you consistently run a metal object over the top of our plate it will eventually wear. However, the surface is extremely hard and will hold up longer than a diamond plate.

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