Ladder Injuries – Metal Ladder Rung Covers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 80% of all slip and falls from ladders occur at the top of the ladder, resulting in 24,000 injuries and over 100 deaths each year in private industry.  Slip resistant ladders could help lower this number.  Generally non-slip ladder rungs must be installed into new ladder construction.  What do you do if you have existing slippery ladders and you don’t want to completely replace the entire ladder?  Non-slip ladder rung covers are available.  They can be applied to existing slippery ladder rungs creating a safe climbing surface.

According to the U.S. Patent Office on an anti-slip device for ladder rungs, “the rung cover includes a layer of anti-slip material having an adhesive backing which layer is affixed to the outer surface of the rung cover.  The anti slip layer is made from wear resistant components.  Preferably, the anti-slip layer consists of anti-slip material affixed to the upper surface of a sheet of base material.  A replacement ladder rung cover can be installed, with or without a pre-affixed layer of anti-slip material on the rung.”  Based on the information provided, non-slip ladder rung covers provide a slip resistant coating that helps keep workers on their feet, regardless if the ladder rungs have been supplied with the coating or not.  There are various options when it comes to ladder rung covers.  I feel that metal ladder rung covers that have a non-slip surface applied to them are the most cost efficient and safe.

Metal non-slip ladder rung covers provided with a non-slip coating exceed the OSHA standard for coefficient of friction at 0.85 or greater.  These metal anti-slip ladder rung covers are designed to fit directly over existing slippery ladder rungs and are easily welded on.  They provide the slip resistance needed for employees to perform their tasks efficiently and effectively.  If slip resistant coverage is what you’re looking for, make sure your ladder rungs are covered with a metal slip resistant ladder rung cover to ensure the safety and security of your employees.

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