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In an interesting blog entry on the EHSToday website, called “Should OSHA Fine for Unsafe Actions?” the Occupational Health and Safety department of Alberta, Canada  recently approved legislation to authorize safety and health inspectors the ability to fine employees up to $500 for unsafe actions.  A worker can be fined on the spot for blatantly disobeying safety measure’s the company has set in place.  The blog says this law puts Alberta in line with several other Canadian provinces who have the same sort legislation in place.

The pro’s and con’s of this legislation are pretty easy to see.  On one hand some of the safety responsibility is taken off of the employers hands and placed into the workers.  Companies may start caring less about workplace safety as it is no longer their fine to pay.  On the other hand, for companies that really try to enforce safety and still have employees that don’t comply, this law will help hold those employees personally responsible and may create a safer environment.  Some employees who always follow the correct procedures and whose co-workers do not, may also appreciate this law.   In the United States, employers are held responsible for employee actions.  OSHA regulations are in place to keep everyone safe and this law may make safety more of a “shared” vision, as everyone would be held personally responsible.

OSHA regulations, such as setting a coefficient of friction requirement of at least 0.5 for non slip surfaces, is one regulation that can always be followed by using SLIPNOT safety flooring products.  Each type of metal flooring; steel, stainless steel or aluminum, all have a coefficient of friction of at least 0.85 surpassing the OSHA regulation.

Cable, Josh. “Should OSHA Fine for Unsafe Actions?” www.ehstoday.com September 11, 2013.  October14, 2013. http://ehstoday.com/blog/should-osha-fine-workers-unsafe-actions

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