OSHA Standard for Ladder Rungs

The Occupational Safety Healthy Administration (OSHA) standard 1926.1053(a)(6)(i) states that

“The rungs and steps of fixed metal ladders manufactured after March 15, 1991, shall be corrugated, knurled, dimpled, coated with skid-resistant material, or otherwise treated to minimize slipping”.

The most effective way to treat ladder rungs is with a permanent all metal slip resistant coating.  An all metal non- skid coating provides 100% coverage in every area of the rung.  In contrast, a dimple, knurled or corrugated rung have an uneven surface that may be uncomfortable for daily use.    Smooth bar ladder rungs coated with an all metal non-skid coating provide the most comfortable, even working surface possible.  Also, no matter how the ladder rungs are knurled or corrugated, bare metals have naturally slick properties.

Falls from ladders are one of the leading causes of injury and death in the work place.  Based on a report by the National Safety Council and U.S. Census Bureau , the odds of falling from a ladder in your lifetime are 1 in 8,689.  The odds of falling from any type of surface in your lifetime is 1 in 269.  This report proves that preventing falls should be a priority to employers, and a vital part of any safety plan.  Temporary fixes such as taped on or painted on solutions will not suffice.

The most common causes of death due to injury in the United States http://danger.mongabay.com/injury_death.htm

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