Perforated Metals Safety Mats Help Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

An article titled “Safe and Sustainable; Mats Offer Slip and Fall Prevention, Ergonomic Benefits” discusses the benefits of installing various types of mats to improve worker safety.  Dirt control mats, anti-fatigue mats and safety mats are some of the suggested few mats that can help decrease worker injuries and provide safer working conditions.  Slip and fall prevention is necessary in conditions where oils, water and other forms of moisture create slick surfaces.  A single slip and fall incident can cause many problems for both workers and their employers, ranging from missed work days to monetary claims.  Installing slip resistant products in areas where accidents can frequently occur will help reduce injuries and increase productivity.

SLIPNOT slip resistant products can help reduce slip and fall accidents in the workplace.  Plate, grating, perforated metals and other safety products can be installed in various parts of a facility to create a safe and uniform workplace.  Perforated metals combine the drainage benefits of grating with the continuous surface of plate.  Perforated metals with the slip resistant coating applied can reduce worker fatigue and strain by flexing when walked across.  Workers who come into contact with SLIPNOT perforated metal mats can count on the slip resistant surface to keep them on their feet, no matter the conditions.

Mayer, Chris.  “Safe and Sustainable; Mats Offer Slip and Fall Prevention, Ergonomic Benefits”.  Facility Safety Management.  January 2012: 30-32.

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