Predictive and Analytical Safety Software for Your Company?

Workplace safety software systems that provided advanced and predictive analytics have been proven to be of great worth in countless industries and across many aspects of business.  According to an article in EHS Today the equipment has shown to give huge returns on investment (ROI) in the areas of sales, marketing, operations and sales chain management.  For example one company was able to increase their revenue by 310%, increase their marketing campaign ROI by 665% and reduced their cost per click by about 1/3 of what it was.

The software has also been proven to be effective in the safety field predicting and preventing injuries.  Due to the fact that injuries can be predicted with 97% accuracy, dramatic results are shown.  For example one energy company reduced their injury rate by 67% within 18 months, and another manufacturer reduced lost workday rates by 97% within a year.

So how do you know if your company is to take the plunge and commit to predictive and analytic safety software programs? The article has three questions each company should ask themselves before purchasing this type of safety equipment:

1.)    What are you trying to accomplish? Predictive and analytic safety software will help you answer deep questions such as “Where and when will the next injury happen?” “How can these injuries be prevented?” If these are the questions you need answered, and not just a program for statistics, then a predictive and analytic program may be a good fit.

2.)    Are you ready to really deploy the correct measures?  Data must be collected and leadership must be ready to take action on the data that is collected.

3.)    How will you measure success? There are many ways to measure the success of your program but finding the best fit for your company is important before you start.  The article gives these examples among others:

  1. Reduction of incidents and incident rates
  2. Reduction of insurance fees or direct workers compensation
  3. Improved safety culture measures

I think this sort of software is an exciting way to take a deeper look into your companies safety environment and could be extremely instrumental in preventing worker injuries.  It would be interesting to see the safety, injury and ROI results for a company who has been using a program like this for decades.

Some safety products, such as SLIPNOT safety flooring, have been preventing injuries for decades.  All metal, high traction floor plates, grating, ladder rungs and stair treads among others provide long lasting injury prevention and can be implemented into every industry.

Schultz, Griffin. “Advanced and Predictive Analytics an Safety: Are They Worth the Investment?” April 9, 2013, April 14, 2013. <>


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