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Have you seen the decorative plaques entitled “Family Rules” that include statements such as: Always Tell the Truth, Do Your Best, Use Kind Words?  Wendell Hughes, manager of environmental health and safety for Honda of SC recently shared a list of 12 statements for becoming a top safety leader that remind me of these “Family Rules” plaques.  They are 12 rules that Honda of SC has followed which have helped them decrease their incident rate by 91% over the past 6 years.  These could be the “Family Rules” for a safe work environment.

  • Never compromise safety.
  • Never pass up someone exhibiting unsafe behavior without correcting it.
  • Never pass up a physical hazard without securing or correcting it.
  • Never ask someone to do something you would not ask your family or loved one to do.
  • Never say anything to your people that you aren’t willing to write down and sign.
  • Always use positive people skills and continue to build up your own personal integrity.
  • Always ensure people receive only the very best training.
  • Always have and exhibit a positive attitude toward your people and company.
  • Always work at building people’s confidence in the company and in yourself by ensuring “I do the right thing for the right reasons because it’s the right thing to do.”
  • Always continue to build and develop a safe, positive and productive work environment.
  • Always be consistent in your decisions and actively care for people.
  • Always lead by example.

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