Safety Sweep Audits Help Keep Safety High

While lengthy and detailed safety audits performed by one or a small number of people throughout a company are important, consider a “safety sweep audit” in order to energize safety and create a safer work place.  Mike Powell from Milliken (a two time America’s Safest Company) describes this process in an article on

1.)    A “safety sweep audit” is an audit that can be performed in 30 minutes or less.  It focuses on 10-15 critical items and limits the inspection area to a reasonable size.

2.)    The sweep should create the need for a response regarding corrective actions and discrepancies.  As more of these short safety audits happen it will become less culturally acceptable to create or ignore safety discrepancies as individuals will see the need to maintain a high level of safety.

3.)    The audit should be marked with a percentage, not just checkmarks or x’s.  For example 50%, 80% or 100% help employees internalize the success of their area.  These percentages are easier to understand as they remind us of school scores.  They may even create a bit of competition amongst areas to keep their score high.

4.)    The process loop of the audit must be clearly defined.  Where is the template located? Who reviews the audit? Where is the final outcome processed? Everyone must know the process and who is to be involved.

5.)    Involve as many employees as possible.  First train management and supervisors.  Then consider creating an audit team to be trained and who will then go and train the others in the work force.  The end result is that every employee knows what is involved in the “safety sweep audit” and will work to keep their results at 100%.

These audits shouldn’t take the place of a lengthy safety audit, but should be performed as a supplemental tool throughout the company.  Safety should always be taken into consideration.  SLIPNOT safety products help maintain a high level of safety on floors, stairs, ladders, cross-overs, platforms and drain covers among countless other areas.  Non slip products can be incorporated throughout every industry and can help keep employees efficient and the safety process effective.

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