Slip/Fall Prevention Coalition

A new Slip/Fall Prevention Coalition has been formed by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).  The Coalition made of up NFSI members, the Board of Directors, and outside organizations are hoping to reduce the numbers of slips, trips and falls and the injuries they cause.  A press release in PRWeb talks about the new safety related group.

The goal of the Slip/Fall Prevention Coalition is to put together a large, comprehensive network of people impacted by the high costs of slip and fall injuries.  The NSFI president says, “The problem cannot be solved by the NFSI alone, but NFSI will serve as catalyst to advance the discussion.”  The first area that the Coalition will reach will be restaurants and food service environments.  Other coalitions will be formed to reach AARP, retail, hospitality, education and institutional cleaning among others.

SLIPNOT products help prevent slip and fall injuries in nearly every sector of the economy.  Slip resistant stainless steel flooring has been installed in restaurants and kitchens in order to keep workers in this busy environment safe.  Food processing facilities, utility companies, manufacturing facilities and waste water treatment plants have been using these high traction metal products for decades with great success. PRWeb. “NFSI Announces Slip-Fall Prevention Coalition – Facility Organizations”. September 18, 2013

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