SLIPNOT® Offers Wet Manufacturers New Options for Reducing Slips and Falls from Drainage Systems


DETROIT June 25, 2023 SLIPNOT®, a leading provider of specialized safety flooring products and surface technologies, today announced that it’s offering food and beverage, chemicals and automotive manufacturers an added value service – send the company drain covers and they will make them slip resistant with proprietary SLIPNOT technology in 24 hours or less.  

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, contaminants on floors and poor drainage rank number one and two for slip and fall hazards. Waste and recovery drains are located throughout manufacturing facilities, and when wet or greasy, send a signal to workers and managers that there’s a hazard.

Drain covers with SLIPNOT technology divert oil, grease, and water back into drainage systems, reducing the spread of contaminated liquids in clean areas while providing a high traction, slip-resistant walking surface. SLIPNOT technology is certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) and registered with the NSF, the public health and safety organization. Once installed, it can eliminate slips and falls around drainage systems by over 90%.

“A single lost-time slip and fall accident can mean a $60,000 loss to a company’s bottom line – and it’s an accident that’s completely avoidable,” said Jeff Baker, chief product officer of SLIPNOT. “SLIPNOT technology has been proven tough in the greasiest and oiliest processing and manufacturing environments and has been successfully applied to thousands of drain covers. We’re now offering a simple way to make drain covers one of the safest, most productive areas of your operations.”

Facility and safety managers can send any of their steel, cast iron, or stainless steel drain covers to the SLIPNOT manufacturing site in Detroit, Michigan, where the technology is applied in a precise, factory-controlled setting. Depending upon the size of the drain cover and the level of surface contamination, SLIPNOT will guarantee a turnaround in 24 hours or less.

To learn more about this new service, make an appointment with SLIPNOT here.

Read more about the dangers of slippery drain covers on the SLIPNOT safety blog.

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SLIPNOT® is a leading provider of specialized safety flooring products and surface technologies for the walkways, entryways, stairs, rails, ladders and more, where you live, work and play. We transform potentially hazardous spaces like food and beverage manufacturing and highly trafficked office buildings and retail spaces into safe and efficient environments. Much to the delight of safety managers and building owners everywhere, once SLIPNOT is installed, over 90% of slips and falls can be avoided. For more information on how to create a SLIPNOT environment, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest.  

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