Stainless Work Platform Connected to Brewhouse Machinery

Many breweries have a brewhouse installed which consist of two vessels with tubular legs connected to a stainless work platform.  All pumps, motors, heat exchangers, control panels, valves and process piping are integrated into the assembly.  The stainless steel assembly has been designed with flexibility, sanitation, ease of operation and economy in mind.  The piping has been designed for easy disassembly and all of the utilities such as water, steam and condensate return are conveniently located in the back of the assembly and are easily cleaned and completely drainable.

In particular, there is a manually operated brewhouse called the “PubTech” which brews a single batch per day and is extremely easy to operate.  They may be installed in both high-end brewpubs and small-scale microbrewery’s alike.  The PubTech is perfect for customers on a tight budget.

One factor to look into is slip resistance.  There may be spills on the stainless work platform, making it hard for employees to retain traction.  Most stainless steel platforms are diamond plate material, which provides more traction, but adding a slip resistant stainless steel coating to smooth plates will give workers full surface coverage and a sure-footed step while entering and exiting the brewhouse.  Stainless steel is the preferred choice for Food and Beverage applications due to its chemical and corrosion resistance.

A great solution to slippery platforms is to contact SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring, who manufactures an all metal non-slip coating which is offered in different grades of slip resistance and has been used on a variety of platforms.  SLIPNOT products have a coefficient of friction that is greater than or equal to 0.85, exceeding all OSHA recommendations.


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