Prevent Top Five Workplace Injuries

In his blog post on, Langdon Dement lists the 5 most common workplace injuries, and what can be done to avoid them.  Injuries in the work place can happen to anyone, knowing what to do to reduce the fact of them happening is important not only for the employee but for the employer.  In my opinion it would be a good idea to post these top 5 injuries and talk about them with your employees.  This list comes from the most recent Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index information and account for 73.1% of the cost burden in 2010.

1.)    Overexertion: Over exertion can happen when employees are excessively pushing, lifting, pulling, carrying, throwing or holding.  Not stopping to take a break and continuing your task even though it is too physically difficult contribute to this injury.  By asking for help or using available devices to assist you, this injury can be avoided.  If help or devices are not available, proper training and technique would be best.

2.)    Fall on the same level: Not every fall is from a height.  Tripping and slipping on even flooring can happen quickly and can be very dangerous.  Using non slip flooring products, such as the highly durable metal products SLIPNOT offers, is one way to reduce these injuries.  Keeping your workplace neat and uncluttered is another way.  By removing trip hazards such as hoses, tools and scraps and keeping any liquids contained, falls from the same level can be reduced.

3.)    Bodily reaction: Reacting to a situation can cause injury.  These injuries can happen by bending, reaching, climbing, sitting, standing, and slipping or tripping without actually falling.  The workplace environment also plays a big role in helping to eliminate this injury.  Makings sure tools and clutter is properly stored helps keep workers safe.  It is also important for workers to have the proper physical conditioning and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

4.)    Fall to lower level: Falling off a ladder or scaffolding can be extremely dangerous and very detrimental to employee health.  Ladders must be kept in safe working order and scaffolding must be inspected and repaired correctly.  Making sure employees are wearing the proper PPE and fall protection gear is also important.

5.)    Struck by an object: “Look out!” is not something that you want to hear in the workplace.  Being hit by a falling object such as a tool, is a scary injury.  Workers should always avoid working under cranes, heavy machinery and hoists while they are being used. The use of hard hats is extremely important and learning how to properly stack products to avoid them tipping over is also a good idea.  Employees can also be struck by a vehicle so make sure that proper safety is used while operating machinery and while working around moving vehicles.

By teaching these strategies to your employees and utilizing the proper safety products and procedures maybe these top 5 injuries can be reduced.


Dement, Langdon. “Preventing Top 5 Workplace Injuries.”  March 14, 2014. March 18, 2013. <>

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