Diamond Plate Aluminum Restoration

Walking downtown we have all come across a piece of faded diamond plate, often times it is in extremely bad shape, because it isn’t replaced annually.  Diamond plate aluminum is used for hatch covers and at crosswalks to prevent slips and falls for pedestrians but is a softer alloy by nature and may wear easily in high traffic environments.  The problem with using this material is if diamond plate aluminum becomes worn down it is more hazardous than normal wet concrete.  Diamond plate aluminum is also used on several public service vehicles, from access platforms to bumper steps.  Aluminum is lightweight and ideal for vehicle applications because it will not add a lot of weight to the vehicle.

While this is an easy way to get diamond plate clean and restore the look of the plate, it does not restore the slip resistance. Slip resistance and safety are what is important for working/walking surfaces that the public uses. Aesthetics are also important but coefficient of friction is vital. SLIPNOT now offers coating diamond plate aluminum with the all metal aluminum coating. This increases the safety of the plate, as well as restores slip resistance. In an article by Darren White, an eHow contributor, restoration of diamond plate is discussed.  In the article it states diamond plate is prone to collecting dirt and is difficult to keep clean.  It also mentions how unsightly diamond plate can be when dirty.  To restore diamond plate’s appearance a phosphoric acid, spray bottle and funnel are needed.  Use duct tape to tape off areas surround the plate so the acid does not affect other areas.  Spray the phosphoric acid for 20-30 minutes, rinse with water and a sponge, polish and buff.

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