Expanded Metal Types

Expanded metal is a type of metal product produced from a sheet of any solid metal such as stainless steel, steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, titanium and copper.  Its diamond-shaped openings make expanded metal a versatile product for applications such as platforms, catwalks, stair tread covers, walkways, rail enclosures, conveyors, protective elements, among many others.  Expanded metal also retrofits over existing grating, flooring or diamond plate, is easily tack welded to surfaces and is a cost efficient solution.

Standard Expanded Metal – Standard expanded metal is created in a press that cuts and stretches solid metal; forming overlapping strips of a diamond pattern.  The diamond pattern not only provides air circulation, but it maintains the strength and durability of the original sheet metal.  There are many expanded metal sizes and weights which are utilized in lockers, warehouse enclosures and safety guards within machinery.

Flattened Expanded Metal – Flattened expanded metal is processed a second time using a cold rolling press.  This flattens the metal, creating a smooth and level surface.  Flattened expanded metal is available in different lengths and widths and is ideal for fencing, ventilation devices, cages and flooring.  SLIPNOT  manufactures an all metal slip resistant coating which is applied to flattened expanded metal.  This provides pedestrians with a durable and high traction surface.

Expanded Metal Mesh – Expanded metal mesh is offered in a variety of shapes and sizes such as fine meshes to heavier meshes.  It is used for decorative and architectural purposes and may be found in sun screens, room dividers, grills and ventilated storage systems.

Expanded Metal Grating – Expanded metal grating is created using low carbon steel plates, which are of heavier weight.  This may be used for machine platforms, walkways, stairs or any pedestrian areas.  Expanded metal grating is one continuous piece of material yielding a greater strength-to-weight ratio.  The surface is also naturally slip proof without further processing.

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