Install a Non-Slip Surface on your Livestock Weigh Scale

weigh scale is used to determine the force that gravitation exerts upon an object. It measures performance, evaluates gains and determines sale weights. There are many different types of scales for numerous operations. Most weigh scales operate between 0-100 degrees Fahrenheit and should be capable of 0.10 percent accuracy.

Scales can weigh many things such as cattle, llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats or dogs. Livestock scales are useful in selecting breeding stock, figuring how much weight bred cows are gaining or losing and the rate in which their gaining. There are single-animal scales which are heavy duty and have their own cage, portable animal scales which are recommended if you are between multiple facilities, group scales where you can weigh in groups of animals / hay or feed and electronic scales which are fast and easy, but require power supply.

One issue that farmers deal with on a daily basis is slick weigh scale surfaces. Especially when the surface is wet or oily, it can be hazardous to the animals and the farmer loading them. High traction must be provided in order to keep the employees and animals safe. A great solution would be to apply an all metal slip resistant coating which would offer durability, high traction and longevity. Depending on what type of environment the weigh scale is in, determines the type of alloy needed; such as steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel or aluminum.

SLIPNOT has applied their non-slip coating to food processing floor scales in the past, where the slip resistance helped provide traction for the lift trucks and carts throughout the facility.

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