Access Platforms on Cherry Picker Lifts

A cherry picker is a type of aerial work platform that consists of a platform or bucket at the end of a hydraulic lifting system.  The purpose of cherry access platforms is to help employees reach inaccessible areas around a tree with relative ease.  Cherry pickers are also known to be used for electrical equipment on utility poles, displays and cables.

In choosing a type of cherry picker, you must know if you want to move up and down or side to side.  The aerial access platforms are broken into two groups; boom lifts and scissor lifts.  Boom lifts come in all shapes and sizes and move up and down as well as sideways.  A boom lift may be self propelled, truck mounted, trailer mounted or specialized for particular working conditions.  A scissor lift is more practical and lifts the access platform vertically.  Scissor lifts are usually self propelled and are powered by battery or diesel.  They are ideal for indoor use, due to the narrow width, which allows employees to easily travel down warehouse aisles.  They are also compact when lowered, making it easy to store.

Many people think that a cherry picker machine is complex, but it’s just an access platform that can be raised to different heights.  One safety concern is that when employees are up high in the platform or bucket, they may struggle with traction, especially in different weather conditions.  By installing a slip resistant surface on the access platforms, employees will feel confident while picking cherries.  SLIPNOT provides durable all metal flooring products with different alloys such as steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum, which would be a great solution in slick conditions.

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