Are Aluminum Tread Plates Really Safe and Effective?

When you think of aluminum tread plates you may think of the traditional shiny plates with a raised diamond pattern that cover truck boxes or steps used to get into a truck. This inexpensive product is often purchased due to its low cost and availability. These aluminum tread plates can be as dangerous as a smooth surface plate when covered in water or oil. While a lower cost may look appealing, these plates become worn unevenly and eventually wear down to a smooth surface again, forcing you to buy all new material. When dealing with a lot of weight bearing and heavy duty damage these plates do not withstand the force you need in factory or shipping environments for a long period of time.

With SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring’s many options, you can find a slip resistant product to best fit your safety needs. If you have a preexisting aluminum tread plate surface our expanded metal grid grip® can be retrofitted over the surface by tack welding or bolting it down. It is a very cost effective and time efficient choice for those who cannot disrupt daily operations.  Another option that may suit those who want a solid even surface is SLIPNOT floor plates. The initial investment is more costly, but in the long run they will last much longer than aluminum tread plates. The slip resistant floor plates will minimize slip and fall accidents caused by slick, worn or smooth surfaces.

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