Stainless Steel Plates Installed around Chad Boot Scrubber

Food processing plants cannot stress sanitation enough.  When employees and pedestrians are walking in and out of different plants, it’s important that they wash and sanitize their boots and hands before entering.  Also, cleaning prior to sanitizing is recommended as it increases the effectiveness of the sanitizing step.  A unique machine called the Chad Boot Scrubber has several brushes and hoses that perform at different angles, sanitizing soles, tops and sides of boots as well as hands at the same time.  It is usually placed at the entrance and exit of the work place, especially around ready to eat product areas.

Work boots may become lodged with contaminants such as blood, fat or food particles, which is why continually using the Chad Boot Scrubber would be beneficial.  The Chad Boot Scrubber also reduces cross-contamination between food processing areas, eliminates cleaning labor, requires no detergents and extends the boot life.  Since workers actually walk through the machine, it would be essential to install a chemical, corrosion and slip resistant product.  Stainless steel plates would be a great solution.

Stainless steel plates are NSF registered and hygienic for food and beverage plants.  Stainless steel plates may be used for flooring around the Chad Boot Scrubber as well as other applications such as platforms, stair treads and nosings.  Employees will not only have chemical and corrosion resistance, but full slip resistant coverage in every direction.

SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring had actually provided slip resistant stainless steel nosings for a stairway leading to a Chad Boot Scrubber.  The slip resistant stainless steel nosings were perfect for the end user due to the many properties it holds.

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