Non-Grit Deck Plate; The Permanent Flooring Solution

Imagine trying to work quickly in an environment where thick slippery oil, fat or grease covers the floor and surrounds you. Envision trying to work efficiently on intricate pieces of machinery while trying to keep your balance. Many professionals can imagine this because these are the conditions they encounter on a daily basis. Whether in industrial settings, food processing facilities, or other industries, workers are often expected to work meticulously and expedite services by working as quickly as possible. Crossovers, conveyors, mezzanines, and stairs are used as a means of transportation to get goods from one location in a factory to another. Transporting goods can be difficult when fats, oils and greases line stairways or narrow catwalks.

Now imagine a non-grit deck plate used to prevent those conditions mentioned, a one-time answer to slip and fall concerns. Visualize the time and frustration that could be saved from a slip resistant deck plate. A permanent non slip deck plate can also save frustration for those companies who have tried one temporary product after another, hoping to find a low-cost quick fix. The truth is, there is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to safety flooring / materials. The cost of trying one temporary product after another, maintaining it and replacing it often adds up to more than the initial cost of a permanent slip resistant deck plate.

Non-grit slip resistant deck plate is the ideal choice for facilities such as food processing plants, manufacturing facilities and many other industries because the non grit surface will not flake off unlike gritted products. Grit particles can damage expensive machinery, affect the end product and create slippery smooth surfaces on the plate where the grit has flaked off; rendering the slip resistance. Food processing facilities require a sanitary flooring that is resistant to chemicals and other cleaning materials. Industrial facilities require a slip resistant deck plate that can withstand heavy traffic and retain traction when completely submerged in oils and other liquids. Slip resistant deck plate can provide a solution to any industry, performing better than other alternatives available, such as diamond or grit plate.

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