Safety on Work Trucks

Truck beds, utility van flooring, truck platforms and semi box flooring all have the possibility of becoming dangerous work environments.  Whether workers are dealing with exterior elements such as rain or slippery liquids such as oil and lubricants loading and unloading trucks and vans can be hazardous.

Northland Equipment Company of Janesville, WI provides high quality truck equipment and accessories and offers hydraulic and fabrication services.  They were looking for a non-slip product to help eliminate the slippery flooring problem in one of their aluminum van bodies.  The wood flooring became slippery with oil as the employees would load and unload oil soaked parts after manufacturing parts for their customers.  They decided that the roughest, highest traction steel surface from SLIPNOT would be the most helpful to their employees.  The five grade 3 steel plates were efficiently installed into the aluminum van and will provide sure footing to any employee who utilizes the work van.

Other companies such as Altec Industries have utilized the durable slip resistant metal surface SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring provides on work vehicles.  This company that services electrical utility and telecommunication markets installed steel plates on the exterior truck steps and landings.  The metal surface fights against slip and falls from rain and other slippery oils used in various utility applications.

SLIPNOT’s sales department is ready to help provide safety to vehicles that are used in various work situations.  Aluminum, stainless steel and steel products can be specifically fabricated to meet unique needs.  Quotes can be obtained via email, filling out a quote form or by calling 800-754-7668.

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