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Slip Resistant Steel Grip Plates Installed on Utility Vehicles at Altec

The Situation:

Altec Industries, Incorporated is an industry leading worldwide company who offers products and services to the electric utility, telecommunications and contractor markets. While consistently raising the bar through different features, Altec needed to add durable, long lasting steel plates to their various vehicles and was looking for a slip resistant option to offer their customers for steps, landings and access platforms on their trucks. Altec was familiar with SlipNOT® products from using SlipNOT® flattened expanded metal-Grid Grip® on past projects.

The Solution:

Altec contacted SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring for a solution to offer clients on trucks. A SlipNOT® representative suggested a 1/8” steel Grip Plate® to add to their step areas and lift baskets on utility vehicles. These plates were to be used around boom equipment where people enter and exit the lift arm and operate the lifts. Altec chose SlipNOT® 1/8” steel plates, all of which are specifically sized for the assembly of various vehicles.

This non-slip steel plate was chosen due to its file hardness (55 – 63 on the Rockwell scale) and its bond strength (at least 4,000 psi). SlipNOT® slip resistant flooring is extremely durable, long lasting and is consistently slip resistant in every direction. SlipNOT® steel slip resistant flooring can also be completely submerged in any oils, waters, greases or lubricants and still maintain its preeminent slip resistance.

The Impact:

The steel plates were installed to Altec’s lift baskets and step areas providing a safe, durable and slip resistant walking surface. This option gives Altec’s customers sure footing while entering and exiting the lift arm high above the ground. The steel Grip Plate® has proven to be the ideal fit for Altec Industries, Incorporated.