Aerial Platform Constructed of Aluminum Planking at Pierce Manufacturing

  • The Situation:

    Pierce Manufacturing was looking for a slip resistant solution for the new 100’ aluminum aerial platforms and baskets recently added to the extensive line of fire truck parts and apparatus. The 100’ aerial platform offers a 235 degree rotation at ground level without raising, among many other benefits. In fire emergencies there are often gallons of water present which can create extremely slippery conditions. The client needed a solution that would be able to withstand high temperatures and also be durable and low maintenance.

  • The Solution:

    Pierce Manufacturing worked with their fabricator to find the best solution and after contacting SLIPNOT it was decided the best solution would be to send SLIPNOT the aluminum decking to be coated with the SLIPNOT aluminum slip resistant coating. SLIPNOT can coat customer supplied material to help customers save on cost. SLIPNOT can also fabricate and coat material to specifications to be sent to the customer and installed in the field. The fabricator sent several pieces of 1 1/2” thick plate in various widths and lengths to be coated.

  • The Impact:

    The rectangular punched plank provides a lightweight, non-slip surface for firefighters during emergencies when 100’ off the ground. The pattern of plank allows for drainage and the aluminum properties are rust resistant. The SLIPNOT aluminum metal coating can be applied to any type of aerial platform/ lift basket or fire apparatus to provide safety in critical situations.

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