Stainless Steel Grating in Plant Construction

According to Food Engineering’s 36th Annual Plant Construction Survey, the year 2012 showed a lot of growth in the number of food processors who were able to upgrade their plants or build new facilities.  After a reported 613 construction projects in the year 2007, the economy and building projects decreased dramatically.  In fact the year 2011 only had 453 reported projects.  According to the survey, the year 2012 had 600 reportable renovations or new construction projects.  This is an increase of 32.5%!  The article on Food Engineering’s website states that the main drivers of this increase are plants who want to improve food safety, decrease energy and use increasing amount of automation which helps achieve higher plant efficiency.  The Food Safety Modernization Act is also increasing the amount of renovations as getting their facilities up to speed is a serious concern for many food processors.

SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring provides products that are easily incorporated into plant renovations or new construction.  Grit free slip resistant stainless steel products such as expanded metal, plate and stainless steel grating can all be effectively used in plants looking to increase safety in areas that are being redone.  Stainless steel grating can be fabricated into stair treads, crossovers, drain covers and platforms that can make a newly renovated area or a new plant slip resistant.  Products such as stainless steel expanded metal and plate can be quickly retrofitted over existing slippery areas by bolting on or welding down.  A major cheese production facility utilized stainless steel grating to make an area around their machines safe for employees. Companies can also send existing flooring like grating or plate to be coated with the long lasting slip resistant stainless steel surface.  Major renovations, new construction as well as smaller areas that need to be redone for safety are easily manageable using SLIPNOT safety products.

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