Stair Safety Before the Fall

Single run. Switchbacks. L-shaped. Spiral. Curved. Triangular. Double helix. Slow stairs. Fast stairs. There are so many ways to describe the beauty and form of stairs. They’re architectural wonders celebrated in many public and private buildings.

Stairs are also one of the biggest safety hazards in commercial buildings like municipal offices and university buildings and even public transportation.

In fact, 1M+ Americans injure themselves on stairs each year – this number is growing and doesn’t discriminate by age. This is more than injuries from car accidents. Safety awareness and education is important – yet not enough.

One root cause.
Many stairs don’t meet basic compliance for slip resistance.

There’s acronym soup for the number of organizations with standards for safe walking surfaces including the International Code Council (ICC), ANSI, ADA, IBC and more.

Don’t fret, we have a solution.
Don’t fret. There are simple retrofit solutions for stairs and nosings that will help you achieve standards and reduce unnecessary accidents with the snap of a finger (just hold the handrail while snapping).

Amstep offers university, municipal and other public building as well as public transportation  maintenance teams a safe solution for indoor and outdoor stair treads and nosings.

Our stair treads and nosings can be found in 1000+ higher education and public buildings because they are safe, durable, easy-to-install and attractive.

  • Less than one hour to retrofit: It can take a maintenance professional less than an hour to retrofit indoor and outdoor stairs including those made of concrete, wood, metal, brick, tile, masonry, composite or other outdoor materials.
  • Great lead times: Amstep is manufactured in the USA with fast lead times and simple delivery to meet your project schedules.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Amstep products use an exclusive abrasive particle compound coupled with heavy-duty extruded aluminum for maximum safety and durability. They can last up to 10 years.  

Talk to a walking surface expert today.
Simply provide Amstep with your specs, including use, size dimensions and color, and we will meet or exceed your delivery requirements. Our walking surface experts can help you eliminate a significant volume of unnecessary slips and falls on stairs, achieve code requirements for slip resistance while offering an aesthetic that matches your building type.

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