Worker safety Often Overlooked by Failure to Wear PPE

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According to the article “Alarming Number of Workers Fail to Wear Protective Equipment,” in the October, 2012 issue of Food Manufacturing Magazine, 82% of safety professionals have witnessed workers failing to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) over the past year.  These professionals said that the number one safety issue in their plants was compliance.

The article mentions that most of the employees that did not comply with the OSHA regulations and workplace safety rules did not think that the safety equipment was needed.  They did not feel at risk in their situations.  Other reasons for non-compliance were as follows:

1.)    Uncomfortable
2.)    Blamed for decreased productivity or inability to perform their jobs
3.)    Too hot
4.)    Did not fit properly
5.)    Not available near their work station
6.)    Unattractive looking

Most of the safety professionals surveyed said that an increase in education and training programs should help employees understand the dangers of the workplace and also help improve productivity.  Educating employees of potential injuries as well as hidden injuries is one way to increase the need for safety in their eyes.  Another way to improve safety in the workplace is to make sure that the non slip flooring is safe and retains a high traction surface.  This safety precaution is something that should not be overlooked.  Workers can feel safe on slip resistant platforms, stair treads, ladder rungs and work platforms without having to second guess their steps.  SLIPNOT can provide customized non slip metal products that can be implemented into nearly every area of a production plant.  Keeping workers safe with PPE and sure step flooring can help increase productivity.


Alarming Number of Workers Fail to Wear Protective 10/9/12, 11/16/12

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